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Why would you use crowd-funding for your feature film or web/TV pilot, wait around, and most likely fail anyway? I am willing to invest anywhere from a few hundred up to $1000 per Utah project (the higher the funds, the higher the production value) where I will become an Executive Producer or Co-Executive as long as I like what you have story, content and subject-wise. It cannot contain nudity or be raunchy. In exchange, I require the following contingencies/conditions:

1. Submit it to film festivals. If you get a distribution deal, advertisement revenue, disc or new media sales, etc., I will be the first to recoup my initial investment on any money you make. Beyond that, I retain a 35% equity (or become part of a current equity split among investors) in any further revenue in perpetuity (to include residuals on any media), on both the short film/pilot and whatever it becomes (a feature, series, franchise, etc.) to include sales on merchandise and promotional revenue as well, if or whenever it is optioned or purchased by a studio

2. The web or TV episode has to have a running time of at least 10 minutes long (so say, 10 pages per script minimum), and at least 90 minutes for featured-length movies.


3. Use at least a Canon 5D MKIII, Black Magic Cinema Camera, or higher resolution cameras (preferably GH4, RED, Sony PMW, Arri, Panavision hybrid film, etc)


4. I get a supporting role with at least 4 lines in your project (role has to be decent, not degrading nor race-specific), and I must receive a regular American name, either just a first name or both first and last. If I get multiple projects funded, you will have to work around my schedule so I can be filmed

5. List it on IMDb with my Co- or Executive Producer credit alongside my acting credit

6. Whatever dibs an Executive Producer gets (early copy before compositions are scored, etc.)

To check out my credentials (both acting and film-making), see below:

Acting reel:


Resume w/ photos:


IMDB lists some projects I helmed or assisted:


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Cal Nguyen - Executive Producer/Director/Investor

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